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Panthers GM & HC Search

A collection of posts on the GM & head coaching candidates

A fan's perspective on the 2013 off season

NFL off-seasons are oh so long for the obsessed fan. Mock after Mock, this WR over that WR, etc.... to the point this author can pretty much identify the players many CSR members love and hate. This is my take on the state of the off-season so far.

Rivera Meeting Pushed Back Again, Now Saturday

Yes, again.

Why Ron Rivera Should be Fired Next Week

There are a lot of statistics you can point to when you begin making a case on whether or not to retain a coach. But there's only one that really matters, and that's the won/loss record.

Predicting the Head Coaching Candidates: Finals #2

Since Ron Rivera is running away with the vote for head coaching candidates for 2013 I thought I would adjust the poll to remove Rivera and see which of the new guys the membership would prefer. So add your vote to the mix.

Who's the fan favorite to coach the 2013 Panthers?

Over the past month and a half, we've looked through the available coaching candidates that the Panthers may interview if they choose to go in a different direction in 2013. They've been evaluated by category, and here are the top choices

Predicting the HC Candidates: The Booth Babes

As we round out our search for potential candidates as the Panthers next Head Coach we arrive at the announcing booth.

Predicting the HC Candidates - The Retreads

Here's five retread head coaching candidates that just might make the Panthers short list when the GM begins the process of selecting the Panthers next HC.