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Monday Morning Optimist

A collection of the optimistic way to look at things. Week in, week out

The Optimist: The needs are clear

The Panthers are all but eliminated from playoff contention as the same issues drag them down week after week.

Monday Morning Optimist: Rhule changed the whole script of 2020

The Panthers went from new to frustrating ahead of schedule. What else can they put ahead of schedule in their rebuild?

Monday Morning Optimist: We are so close to being so close

Bear with us, guys. The Panthers couldn’t buy a win in 2020, but it shouldn’t take much more talent for this team to take off.

Monday Morning Optimist: Accepting Teddy as our perfect quarterback

The 2020 Panthers don’t need a good quarterback, they need a guy who is going to teach them about who they have while not endangering who they can get.

Monday Morning Optimist: Shanks for nothing, I guess

Year One of the Matt Rhule era is a fairly known quantity at this point. Let’s talk about why that is still a foundation for optimism.

Monday Morning Optimist: From doormat to defense, the Phil Snow Story

Monday Morning Optimist: The Panthers have a few lessons to learn

They spent nine weeks flirting with disaster. Nobody gets to say "wow!" now that it has struck.

Monday Morning Optimist: It's not about the destination, it's about the journeyman

If games are won on the margins then Rhule is the first Panthers coach to actively make those slimmer during a game.

Monday Morning Optimist (Friday edition): Welp, that happened

The season isn’t over, but it also never really began for the 2020 Carolina Panthers.

Monday Morning Optimist: Honestly, that should have been more than a field goal’s difference

D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel are threatening to give the Panthers an offense? 2020 is weird!

Monday Morning Optimist: I don’t think the Panthers are bad?

Are the Bears good? I have no idea.

Monday Morning Optimist: You’re welcome, Atlanta fans

The Carolina Panthers proved to be the fifth and final nail in the coffin of former head coach Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons

Monday Morning Optimist: Goodbye Trevor Lawrence; hello 2020

Playoffs, here we come! What. . . too early?

Monday Morning Optimist: Winning in spite of yourself is still winning

Sacks, turnovers, and field goals led the way to Matt Rhule’s first win in the NFL.

Monday Morning Optimist: This is miles better than being a Falcons fan

Youthful mistakes are much more entertaining than missed opportunities

Monday Morning Optimist: A close loss never felt so good

These aren’t your old Panthers and that couldn’t be more exciting for fans in the Carolinas.

Monday Morning Optimist: That loss didn’t matter at all

It’s only consequence was determining where in the top ten the Panthers drafted

Monday Morning Optimist: Good teams have the talent to recover from bad mistakes

The Panthers have that talent, which leaves them just a few steps shy of being a good team

Monday Morning Optimist: Ian Thomas is reason enough to keep watching

The Panthers should start Will Grier, but I’ll keep an eye on Thomas no matter what.

Monday Morning Optimist: Next year isn’t more than a year away

A lot of bad teams are a year away for the better part of a decade. The Panthers don’t have to be one of those teams

Monday Morning Optimist: Bless their hearts

They really did try and that was very sweet of them.

Monday Morning Optimist: It’s not Kyle Allen’s fault

The Panthers struggles are far deeper—and more superficial—than their over matched backup quarterback

Monday Morning Optimist: D.J. Moore’s emergence is one of the brightest lights in a heavy loss

Moore outshone the dull performance by the Panthers defense

Monday Morning Optimist: Kyle Allen showed some life as a passer

The Panthers are starting to get a handle on what their life needs to look like without Cam Newton.

Monday Morning Optimist: This doesn’t have to be the 2018 Steelers game

It’ll be up to Ron Rivera to hold his team together.

Monday Morning Optimist: The Panthers continue to win in all shapes and sizes

The Carolina Panthers have faced a great deal of adversity during the early parts of the 2019 season, but that hasn’t stopped them from looking like the team we’ve loved to see during times of success during the Ron Rivera era.

Monday Morning Optimist: Burns and McCaffrey align to give the Panthers an identity in Newton’s absence

The Panthers proved they are good enough to win in spite of mistakes. That's new.

Monday Morning Optimist: Brian Burns is the young defensive star the Panthers have been missing

Speed, youth, and swagger are fueling the Panthers defense as they keep the lights on until Cam Newton return.

Monday Morning Optimist: The Panthers aren’t dead yet

The Carolina Panthers won their first football game of the 2019 season, without Cam Newton. And they aren’t done yet.

Monday Morning Optimist, Friday edition: It is too early to bury Cam Newton

He’s not dead yet!

Monday Morning Optimist: The Panthers didn’t beat the Rams, but they might have looked like the better team

Cam Newton proved he was healthy enough to shoulder the Panthers load while the rest of the team proved he won’t have to.

Monday Morning Optimist: Thus ends another season

The Panthers were left waiting for other teams to finish again. Will 2019 be more of the same?

Monday Morning Optimist: The Panthers are who we thought they were

A talented team with fatal, and obvious, flaws was only going to do so well this season. They took the last game to remind us why there is reason to hope for the future.

Monday Morning Optimist: The Panthers can be good again, but strategic investment is needed

The Panthers lost to the Falcons in a game where their shortcomings were in the spotlight. The offseason is where they can address them.

Monday Morning Optimist (Tuesday edition): The excellence of heart cannot overcome execution

The Carolina Panthers put forth a valiant effort to keep their playoff hopes alive, but sadly they shot themselves in the foot too many times to keep the dream alive.

Monday Morning Optimist: Let’s all just feel good for the Browns

Change is coming, let’s enjoy what is good now while we can.


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