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Keep Sounding Podcast

Keep Sounding: The Carolina Panthers fired Frank Reich

Frank Reich and two of his staff are out. What is going on in Carolina?

Keep Sounding Podcast: Everything is bad and now the Panthers play the Cowboys

Your podcast that comes around once per play caller change.

Keep Sounding Podcast: The Panthers are 0-6 and have a new play caller

We reflect on the first segment of the season and share our thoughts on the switch.

Keep Sounding: Three weeks done, featuring our friend Spenser

So far, not so good.

Keep Sounding: Panthers defense training camp preview

We’re back with our second consecutive week with an episode as we talk about the defense with training camp in full swing.

Keep Sounding Podcast: Panthers offense training camp preview

An OG of CSR joins the show.

Keep Sounding: 2023 NFL Draft recap

We talk about the newest Carolina Panthers.

Keep Sounding: Panthers trade for 1st overall pick, sign lots of free agents

We making moves.

Keep Sounding: The Panthers coaching staff is starting to come together

Frank Reich is the Panthers new head coach and his staff is starting to take shape.

Keep Sounding: The season is over and the head coach search is underway

It’s time for the best part of this season—the offseason.

Keep Sounding: Playoffs?? Panthers beat Seahawks, face Steelers

The Panthers somehow control their own destiny.

Keep Sounding: Panthers waive Baker Mayfield, Seahawks preview

The Baker Mayfield experiment has come to an end, but there are still games to be played.

Keep Sounding: Ravens/Broncos recap, season review for the bye week

The Panthers have had some ups and downs, and now we use the bye week to see where we are.

Keep Sounding: Panthers beat Falcons, Ravens preview

The Panthers are fresh off a rather commanding win over the Falcons, but we’re not as optimistic about this weekend’s bird game.

Keep Sounding: Panthers lose to Bengals, Frank Reich, Thursday night Falcons preview

Football happened.

Keep Sounding: The Panthers traded Christian McCaffrey, played football games

The Panthers traded Christian McCaffrey. We have opinions.

Keep Sounding: The Panthers fire Matt Rhule

An audio account of our opinions on the Matt Rhule firing.

Keep Sounding: Panthers lose to Cardinals, 49ers preview

Things are spiraling.

Keep Sounding: Panthers beat the Saints, Cardinals preview

The Panthers got in the win column for the first time in almost a year, and now they face a team that they’ve owned in recent seasons.

Keep Sounding: Panthers vs Giants recap, Panthers vs Saints preview

The Panthers lost yet another heartbreaker.

Keep Sounding: Week 1 recap, Week 2 preview

We transition you from Week 1 to Week 2 with a recap of the Browns game and a preview of the Giants game.

Keep Sounding Podcast: Preseason wrap-up, Panthers vs Browns preview

The preseason is done and over with. Time to talk about football that counts.

Keep Sounding: Panthers preseason Week 1 recap, Week 2 preview

Brian and Jon are joined by recurring guest Spenser to reflect on the preseason so far.

Keep Sounding: The Panthers have traded for Baker Mayfield

Our opinions on the Baker Mayfield trade in audio form.

Keep Sounding: Panthers NFL Draft Days 2 and 3 recap

We recap the second two days of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Keep Sounding: The Panthers select Ikem Ekwonu with the No. 6 overall pick

The Panthers go offensive line with their first round pick.

Keep Sounding: 2022 NFL Draft preview

The show returns from a pause to talk about tonight’s draft.

Keep Sounding: Ben McAdoo, other coaching news, Super Bowl

The Panthers have made some moves.

Keep Sounding: Panthers 2021 season recap extravaganza

The Panthers season has mercifully come to an end

Keep Sounding: Panthers lose to Falcons, Bills preview, Matt Rhule thoughts

Everything is bad.

Keep Sounding: Joe Brady fired, kinda Falcons preview

The Panthers have parted ways with their wunderkind offensive coordinator for the home stretch of the season.

Keep Sounding: Panthers beat Cardinals, Cam Newton vs Ron Rivera

The Panthers shocked the world taking down the league’s best team. Now they host an old friend.


Cam Newton is back. What else needs to be said?

Keep Sounding: Falcons recap, Patriots preview

The season rolls on in mundane fashion.

Keep Sounding: Panthers are losers of four straight, Falcons preview

Brian and Jon wallow in the pitifulness of the Panthers.

Keep Sounding: Panthers, losers of three straight, set to take on the Giants

We talk about the Panthers last three losses and make fun of the Giants.