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CSR Reacts

Panthers fan confidence rises to 91 percent ahead of Week 5 clash with the Falcons

Panthers fans are a lot more confident than Falcons fans heading into their Week 5 matchup in Atlanta.

Panthers fan confidence jumps 10 percent after win over Chargers

The Panthers won a game in Week 3, and more fans gained confidence in the team as a result.

Panthers fan confidence drops to 57 percent after second straight loss in Week 2

Our fanbase has lost the confidence it briefly gained after the Panthers lost their second straight game in Week 2.

Panthers fan confidence rises to 70 percent after solid performance in Week 1 loss

Our fanbase has gained some confidence in the team after their close loss to the Raiders in Week 1.

Panthers fan confidence drops to 59 percent ahead of season opener

Our fanbase has lost confidence in the team ahead of their Week 1 game against the Raiders.