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The rarely-appropriate fringe for Panthers jokes, fake analysis and humor.

TMG’s farewell to the Carolina Panthers

I will honestly miss you guys.

The TMM: Bingo, sleep-walking, and rehabilitation?

This could be a watermark game for the Panthers, do their catheters connect to a large enough reservoir?

TMM: Desperate Times Call For Desperate Pleasures

This dentist reports on the depressing efficacy of the Carolina Panthers current dental hygiene practices.

Panthers Invoice of Payment

Please forward the following message to your nearest Panthers employee.

The Terrible Morning Metaphor: Pajama Party

We should all be mad if we don't get invited to Cam Newton's pajama Party tomorrow afternoon.

Lets re-name Panthers players!

Donte Whitner is now 'Hitner', so lets rename some other Panthers players!

Terrible Morning Metaphor: How Low Can We Go?

Ron Rivera's success as the Carolina Limbo judge is threatening his family life, can he pull it all back together?

CSR Game Day Entertainment: Mike Shula Bingo

It's time for everyone's favorite family-friendly game, but with a Panthers twist.

The Panthers loss in GIFs: Part Deux

Sometimes, words aren't needed.

Panthers Poised to Turn it Around Now!

For those who get upset that we post negative stuff about the Panthers when they lose yet another game they should have won then this is the post for you.

Ron Rivera Walked Into A Bar

The best way to prepare for the weekend's game is with a good metaphor... or a bad one.

Yahoo answers a burning question

Thanks Yahoo for helping us understand whether Ron is a good coach!

The Panthers loss in GIFs

Sometimes words are too much

The Terrible Morning Metaphor

The Carolina Panthers are all grown up and ready to face the world. Where are they going and who is guiding their decisions?