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The rarely-appropriate fringe for Panthers jokes, fake analysis and humor.

Keyboard Cat Officially Joins #PantherNation

Hooray for the offseason! This is news!

Which little piggy is our designated driver?

TMG takes a look at all the slips and trips that led to the state of our current roster, just in case you missed any of the exciting Panthers news from these last many months.

Panthers Week in Review in Memes

Too busy to keep up with Carolina Panthers news during the week? Get all caught up in one shot with these memes.

Panthers 14 Ravens 21 Game in review

A recap of Sunday's thrilling, almost poetic, match up between Steve Smith and his former team.

A Letter from a Concerned Panthers Fan

A fan reached out to me to argue about a certain Carolina Panthers backup that everybody's been talking about since week one. The guy makes some... interesting points and did plenty of research to back them up. My one question; how did he know where

9/21 Steelers 7 Panthers 17 a SPECIAL day

Carolina Panthers 'kicking' game put the special back in special teams on Sunday Night Football.

Anatomy of a Panthers Bandwagon Fan

What makes them tick? How do they justify their existence? How much money have they spent on other teams memorabilia? No one knows. One man is brave enough to ask.

Battlecats! Panthers & Lions to fight for kingdom

On Sunday, two groups of cats will battle for control of the kingdom. Which group will dominate, and which group will run home meowing to mommy?

Football will be played on Sunday

The Panthers and Buccaneers are going to play a football game on Sunday afternoon. One team is going to win and one is going to lose, unless of course they tie. That's just the nature of the game.

Seasons greetings, FOOTBALL IS BACK!

It is easy, this time of year, to fall head first into the giant ocean of football and drown. The important things get forgotten as we ride an emotional roller-coaster over which we have no control. This, of course, is as it should be.

Dispelling Panther Rumors Straight from the Catbox

So did you here Jon Bon Jovi has submitted a bid to buy the Bills?

Mr. Gnome goes to Spartanburg

Carolina Panthers players and executives autograph a gnome because sports!

Kuechly Denied ESPY for Best NFL Player

Some chump named Peyton Manning won it. It's one of the few times the past year the 3rd year LB has been denied anything.

CSR Debates: The NFL Draft

I sat down with TerribleMetaphorGuy and OverreactingCapsLockGuy for some reactions to the Carolina Panthers' Draft. But in the end I'm not sure what my reaction is anymore...

The worst Panthers items money can buy

You have good money, don't waste it on terrible items.

Scouting the CSR writing staff: behind the scenes

Leaked internal scouting memo on the writing staff of CSR.

CSR Debates: The Draft

Today we're taking a look at Panthers draft possibilities through the eyes of two of our most esteemed CSR members: TerribleMetaphorGuy and OverreactingCapsLockGuy.

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Confessions of a Professional Subtext Editor

The name may be fake, but what I do is very real. You may not realize it, but everything you hear on sports media has come across my desk, or the desks of those like me.

CSR Debates: The 2014 Offseason

Today we're taking a look at Dave Gettleman's offseason moves through the eyes of two of our most esteemed CSR members: Terrible Metaphor Guy and BW Smith.

Dave Gettleman's Draft Blueprint

Using a never-to-be-named inside source, CSR has gained possession of Panthers GM Dave Gettleman's plans for the 2014 NFL Draft.

WR J. Cotchery and the Panthers: The story of B5

A behind the scenes account of the Panthers struggle with free agent wide receivers and their eventual signing of former Pittsburgh wide out Jerricho Cotchery.

Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a Gettleman

A football layman's introduction to the front office of the Carolina Panthers.

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The Best "How Do You Pronounce His Name?" Mock

I have come to the conclusion that all of us were wrong when it comes to the mock draft for the Panthers. It has nothing to do with skill or stats or anything like that. It has everything to do with how hard it is to pronounce the players name.

Head-Butt-Gate Update: Silence Reigns

I know Roger Goodell would prefer my silence but I will not let this go until justice is served!

Head-Butt-Gate Update: 49ers Get Wrist Slap Fines

Panthers beat writer David Newton points out the disparity in the penalty assigned to the Panthers for head butting versus the 49ers, who were not penalized on the field but were instead fined a couple bucks and a bad of chips. I'm telling you this c



Queen City Chronicles: The Maltless Falcons

Chapter 3 of that thing you stopped reading before chapter 1 was published.

Queen City Confidential:The Glass Hotdog

Queen City Confidential Chapter 2: The Glass Hotdog; Greg Hardy provides a clue as to who might be plotting against the Panthers.

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The 12 Panthers Days of Christmas 2013

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The Gambler Parody - An Ode to Riverboat Ron

Someone wanted me to rewrite the lyrics to The Gambler. Here it is. Please understand I'm no singer. I just think my voice is serviceable for this

Queen City Confidential

Chapter 1 - The Cheerleader in the Soaked Dress

Saints set record for saddest failed attempt

It's a numbers game, and 72,000 couldn't beat a lot less.

MIA: Missing In Arby's

Danger lurks behind every ten-gallon hat sign.

Who wants to eat some ice cream?

Hey guys, TMG made sense this time. He promised. And brought ice cream. Kind of.

Are you ready to forget about the Lindbergh baby?

Because the Panthers are about to make the news splash of the century. Or at least of the week. Maybe just Sunday?

TMG's Ride: The Falc-in-laws are coming!

How many lanterns should I light if they are coming by ambulance?


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