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Keyboard Cat is a Panthers Fan

Well, it's officially the offseason.

I had to PAWS before posting this, because I couldn't decide if it was MEWS worth sharing. In the end, I thought it was the PURR-fect distraction at the end of a long FURSday.

Internet sensation alumnus, keyboard cat, has officially come out as a Panthers fan. This is somewhat surprising, as the color of his coat would suggest he might be more of a Bengals or Jaguars fan, but ultimately, he idolizes his hero, Cam MEWton.

Keyboard cat is the latest entry in a long line of unofficial Panthers mascots and celebrity supporters. The team has already landed big coups in superfans Brooklyn Decker...

and the one and only Homer J. Simpson...

But keyboard cat is the first internet phenom to publicly declare itself a fan of the Carolina Panthers. Left Shark has yet to declare his official leanings, but one would assume it would probably be one of the several maritime related squads, or at least a coastal team.