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The rarely-appropriate fringe for Panthers jokes, fake analysis and humor.

#Catbox: Here’s a totally plausible scenario that could play out with the New Orleans Saints lawsuit

The Saints season ticket holders are suing the NFL for a replay. Seems crazy right? Maybe not.

What will Jerry Richardson’s legacy be in the Carolinas?

It may have more to do with sweet biscuits than NFL football.

Marty Hurney holds press conference to discuss prior drafts #Catbox

The Panthers GM wanted to discuss some of the past failures he has had to endure, and talk about the process.

Imagine you won tickets to the 2018 NFL Draft

It actually happened for one CSR member...only better.

Should the Panthers replace Graham Gano with Drew Brees?

This year’s marquee free agent could find a suprising home in Carolina.

Mounting rumors suggest surprise new contender in the bid for Panthers ownership

Don’t read this if you don’t have a sense of humor.

Panthers make NFL history, send two teams to playoffs

The Carolina Panthers became the first franchise in NFL history to send two different teams to the playoffs in the same year.

Unsubstantiated rumors: Elon Musk to buy the Carolina Panthers

An eccentric billionaire is making a surprise investment in an Earthly venture.

Dan Quinn looks like...

John Fox looks like...

Is Christian McCaffrey a roster lock?

Yes, of course he is.

Happy Cinco Aguayo!

Welcome to a new Tampa Bay tradtion.

The Top 10 Reasons Dave Gettleman got Fired

CSR has gotten hold of the grievance list that Jerry Richardson brought up at their meeting earlier today.

Panthers sign FA Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran to futures contract

This comes on the heels of a recommendation from retired Panther great turned inside scooper Steve Smith Sr.

NFL rumor: Tony Romo to Carolina?

There is no denying ‘sources’ say it could be ‘the best destination’ for the star. Seriously.

5 Things I'd rather post about than salary cap space

Forget cap hits...just give me real hits!

Area Man Praises Teammate while Secretly Plotting to Destroy Him

ORLANDO, FL - After a spirited day of light practice in the bright Florida sunshine, Charlotte, NC native Thomas Davis took a moment to reflect with reporters.

NFL Research reveals Luke Kuechly has been injured before

This is some remarkable in-depth research and analysis from the NFL's Research Dept.

Hacked: NFL Twitter account announces Goodell's death

As hacks go this one is pretty funny.

A Letter from a Concerned Fan: Cam Newton and Press Conferences

Sometimes fans reach out with some hot takes, and it's our job to entertain them.

Panthers 38 Giants 35: Player of the Game Poll

I had initially decided to skip this week's poll because I couldn't see how we could applaud anyone but Cam Newton this week. But I've now decided that it's fair.

Homer vs Hater: Panthers Lead NFC Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of Panther Homer vs Panther Hater, where opposite ends of the Panther fan base discuss the latest Panther news, notes and scores.

The Top Ten Things Cam Newton has Destroyed

Newton has taken down more things than a simple banner... in fact, he was present for some of the most impressive tear downs in history.

Revisiting the Latest Mike Tolbert TD Dance

I think it's safe to say FB Mike Tolbert has taken over the mantle of lead Panther TD dancer.

We don't deserve Cam Newton

Seriously, we don't.

What can't Cam do?

Cam Newton is set to star in a TV series adapted from very obscure Bob Seger fanfiction.

Newton Avoids Sack by Mecklenburg Police

Though rumor has it the NFL is going to fine him for attending an unsanctioned event without wearing something Panthery.

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Why Cam Newton Will Never Win A Super Bowl

The Tell-Tale Shart

I teamed up with ol' Eddie Poe to interview one of our rivals 'greatest'' players as we approach perhaps our greatest game and talk about one of their career defining moments.

Panthers Can't Pass on Poots

The Carolina Panthers are trying out a new wide receiver this week.

The Secret Life of Ron: Part 4

We check in on Ron Rivera this week and things aren't exactly peachy in the Panthers' front office.

The Secret Life of Ron: Part Trois

Ron Rivera and Mike Shula discuss the type of gadget play that will get the upper hand on Chirp Kelly and the Eagles.

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Luke Kuechly: Franchise MLB?

The answer might surprise you.

Midseason Review: Movie Edition

We look back and compare each game of the season so far to a movie. Spoiler alert, we picked the horror section dry.

On Second Thought: Nope, not doing that again

the game between the Panthers and Green Bay was horrible if you're a Panther fan. So Bradley Smith and I came up with 21 (the exact amount of points the Packers won by) better things to do instead of watching it a second time.

Jimmy Clausen, Harbinger of Doom

Jimmy Clausen and co. exact their revenge on the Carolina Panthers.


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