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Panthers announce their first 53-man roster of 2021

This roster will probably still change some before opening day, but it gives us an idea of who the team is trying to be this season.

The Panthers have released Joey Slye

The team has parted ways with a kicker who had become unreliable.

Who’s on the roster bubble?

From quarterbacks to safeties, the Panthers have a lot of decisions to make

Carolina Panthers 53-man roster projection

With one preseason game between us and final cuts, here is a quick prediction of the Panthers 53.

Panthers trade Denzel Perryman to Raiders

The Carolina Panthers have already moved on from their ‘big’ free agency move at linebacker.

Panthers agree to a two-year, $29.5M contract extension with Robby Anderson

The Panthers have locked up one of their new quarterback’s favorite targets.

Panthers send Pride to injured reserve, trade Little as they trim roster to 85

Today is the deadline to get to 85 members on the roster.

The defensive line performed well yesterday, so what?

This is one of those "take a whole handful of salt because it’s the preseason" kind of things

Depth at safety is a new concept for the Panthers

Gee, I hope it’s real this time.

Does PJ Walker’s new attitude give him the edge in the Panthers quarterback competition?

Sunday was a one-sided show case. Did it show enough?