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A breakdown of the Panthers home and road opponents in 2024

The Carolina Panthers’ opponents for the 2024 season are set, and there are some big names coming to the bank next season.

NFL: Carolina Panthers-Training Camp Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL does us all a favor with their rotational scheduling. We know 14 of the 17 2024 Carolina Panthers opponents before the 2023 season even starts. For those who don’t know, each team plays the other three in their division twice to make up six game. Eight are determined by a rotational match-up between divisions. That rotation lands with the NFC South playing against the AFC West and the NFC East next season. That brings us to 14. The last three are determined by the final standings within the division. The Panthers who finished last in the NFC South, will play the last place teams in the other two NFC divisions that they aren’t already playing. The final game is against a AFC team that also finished last in their division.

With that convoluted explanation out of the way, here are the home and road opponents for the Panthers next season.


It has to be one of the most star studded home slates the Panthers have had in a while. The Cowboys are typically the biggest draw for opposing fans, and the Giants aren’t far behind. To top it off superstar AFC quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow will make rare appearances in Charlotte, so those are sure to be hot tickets as well.

It’s a somewhat unfortunate draw for the Panthers. They happened to get the last place team in the AFC North this year, which was a Bengals team that didn’t have its starting quarterback for much of the year yet still finished with a winning record in the toughest division in football. They also have a handful of opponents with traveling fans that are going to take away their home field advantage.

One of those games is going to be in Germany. No word on which one yet, but that’s another reduction in home field advantage for the 2024 season.


The immediate first impression of the away slate is that it looks a whole lot easier than the home slate. The Eagles are trying to recover from a colossal collapse and the Commanders are fresh off hitting the reset button. The Raiders and Broncos are decent but weird, and the Bears are up and coming but not all the way there yet. No one team jumps out as a definite loss given how the 2023 season ended.

On one hand, there will be a frustrating number of visiting fans in Bank of America for a lot of next season. On top of that, one of those home games will be very far away from home. That’s all annoying. But on the other hand, the Panthers seemingly caught a good break in their home/away distribution. They will be at home for most of their toughest opponents and get a softer schedule when they have to travel. It’s probably how you’d set it up if you had your pick, so the Panthers caught a break there.

Now if they can just put together a team good enough for it to matter.