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Panthers Reacts Results: an OK hire has y’all swarming back to the stands

Canales doesn’t receive the top grade

Carolina Panthers Press Conference Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images

IF ‘C’ is for Canales then ‘B’ is for ‘Believe it when I see it’ the co-mantra of Carolina Panthers fans across the world. That’s the grade that the Dave Canales hire received in our recent Panthers Reacts poll. Just imagine how low the grade would have been if we’d have been the team to hire Dan Quinn.

A ‘B’ is quite the optimistic grade from Panthers fans, given how much disappointment and depression they’ve had to juggle over the past six years. It is doubly impressive once you factor in that Canales is a relatively unknown coach with only one season of coordinator experience under his belt.

The team has been selling that Canales is the right guy—a quarterback whisperer—to fix both Bryce Young and the Panthers lackluster culture. Some of y’all are apparently buying that line.

A good chunk of you are positive enough on the hire that you are changing your plans for next season, too. Earlier in the season, we had 58% of fans saying that didn’t expect to watch next season. Assuming you were going to follow through on that threat, we asked again this week if you planned on at least watching the season opener.

90% of you said you would. How is that for hope blooming?