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Former Panther DeShaun Foster set to become head coach of UCLA

The former Carolina Panthers will take over head coaching duties at his alma mater in place of the departed Chip Kelly.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers

Former Carolina Panthers running back DeShaun Foster is set to become the next head football coach at UCLA.

In a thread following the initial Tweet or X post or whatever, Thamel talks about how much Foster has impressed UCLA’s decision makers with his leadership abilities and how beloved he is by the players on the team.

It’s the second significant promotion for Foster in the last 10 days. He had been named the new running backs coach of the Las Vegas Raiders a little over a week ago, but he is stepping away from that role to become the head coach at his alma mater. The guy is clearly in high demand. He’ll be replacing Chip Kelly, who left his head coaching gig to become the offensive coordinator at Ohio State.

As far as I can tell, Foster is the only former Panthers player of note serving as a head coach at the FBS level. His eighth game in charge will pit him against another former Panther—Matt Rhule.