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Panthers Reacts Results: your very own Super Bowl Predictions

We’re almost there, guys.

Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers may not be competing in the Super Bowl this season, or possibly ever again, but that’s not going to stop fans of our favorite, derelict franchise—or those of any other irrelevant team—from having opinions about the Big Game. That’s why we asked y’all this week about your hopes and predictions for this year’s Super Bowl and when you think the Panthers might return themselves.

It turns out the vast majority of y’all are pulling for the San Francisco 49ers to triumph over the Kansas City Chiefs. I imagine that has a little bit to do with the Chief’s recent successes putting them into the dynasty territory that was formerly in the sole recent possession of the New England Patriots. It probably has a little more to do with the fact that former fan favorites like Sam Darnold, Christian McCaffrey, and Steve Wilks are a big part of the operation over in the Bay Area.

82% of y’all are rooting for SF, while 67% of y’all think Kansas City is going to win. Because of how we broke down the answers and a complicated mathematical process known as ‘addition’ we can surmise that, in true Panthers fan fashion, 55% of y’all are expecting to be disappointed by rooting for the team that you don’t think is going to win.

Meanwhile, 76% of Panthers fans do not have short term hope for their favorite team to return to the Super Bowl in the near future. Based on the average duration of player and coach careers in the NFL, it seems most of y’all think that nobody currently associated with the Panthers will be involved in their next Super Bowl run.

It takes a certain lack of respect for your own joy and happiness to be a Panthers fan. I get it, we’re all here together. Stay safe tomorrow.

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