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Brandt Tilis hired as executive vice president of football operations

The full leadership team for the new look Carolina Panthers is now in place

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The Carolina Panthers have made official the long rumored hire of Brandt Tilis as executive vice president of football operations, a first in Charlotte.

He will work alongside general manager Dan Morgan, leading contract negotiations, salary cap strategy, and he will also have a lead role in the development and utilization of data analytics within the franchise.

He was previously with the Kansas City Chiefs as the vice president of football operations. He entered professional football in 2010 with the Chiefs as a salary cap/contract analyst and worked his way up, earning promotions as their director of salary cap and football operations analytics and director of football administration along the way.

Tilis’ role is part of a new front office paradigm that is being heavily recommended by the search and consulting firm Sportsology, who David Tepper hired to help him remake the Panthers. The most successful iteration of that paradigm is that of the Super Bowl bound San Francisco 49ers front office, where the relationship between general manager and president of football operations John Lynch and president of football enterprises and executive vice president of football operations Paraag Marathe has born significant fruits for that franchise. Notably those are the same titles that Morgan and Tilis (for the most part) now hold for the Panthers.

This hire has been in the works for at least a week. It is unclear what held up the official announcement. On the one hand, hiring a new(ish) general manager and a new head coach makes for a busy week. On the other hand, speculation abounds on Rooney Rule interviews, as no other candidates for this job have been reported publicly.

From the official Panthers’ press release, this will be his job description:

Tilis will be responsible for all football administration and non-coaching matters related to operations, equipment, video, and analytics, among other areas. He will also lead player contract negotiations, compliance with the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and league rules, salary cap management, and maintenance and labor administration.