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Thomas Brown will not be with the Panthers next season

The Carolina Panthers will be looking for a new offensive coordinator.

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Joe Person of the The Athletic is reporting that Thomas Brown will not be retained as part of Dave Canales’s staff with the Carolina Panthers next season.

Brown spent one disastrous season as the Panthers offensive coordinator as part of head coach Frank Reich’s “all star” staff. The offense never got off the ground, but it’s hard to say who shoulders the blame given all of the stuff we’ve heard about discord on a Panthers staff full of big names with different ideas. Brown didn’t start the season as the play caller, was handed the gig for a few weeks, then got it taken back when Reich felt his seat getting hot. He finally got full reign to be offensive coordinator after Reich’s dismissal, but it’s hard to do everything you want as an offense when you don’t get full control until Week 13.

It looks like Brown will land on his feet though. As Person notes in his X-post Tweet or whatever we call it now, he had three offensive coordinator interviews and one head coaching interview despite how poorly his season as offensive coordinator in Carolina went.

It seems like the most likely replacement will be Brad Idzik, who has been with Canales since his time in Seattle and followed him to Tampa Bay. Eagles offensive assistant Marcus Brady is reportedly an interview target as well.