Week 17 Offensive Line Hog Molly Report

What a rough disappointing game. Gotta say upon 1st watch I thought this was a rough game for the line. Upon rewatching I came away thinking it was less so than what it felt like initially. Lets get into it.

Bryce Young came away with a 41% pressure rate, good for 27th best this week. Not good. He also came in at 7th worst in pressure generated on his own with 2 sacks being accounted to himself. Lets see what PFF had to say.

  • Ekwonu: 93.9 Run / 76.3 Pass (74.6 / 62.1)
  • Mays: 38.1 Run / 38.2 Pass (71.2 / 43.0)
  • Jensen: 42.0 Run / 62.6 Pass (40.3 / 29.5)
  • Bozeman: 66.9 Run / 60.6 Pass (67.6 / 48.7)
  • Jackson: 55.1 Run / 60.5 Pass (64.3 / 59.5)
  • Moton: 56.7 Run / 79.2 Pass (62.4 / 77.5)

It was tough going for the run game. The line wasn't doing the best job clearing big holes for the RBs and these grades reflect it. Luckily when Hubbard did get his name called he was doing an excellent job at chipping away with 3-5 tough yards per carry. I was surprised with how few runs Brown called as Hubbard was being effective at moving the ball. The pass protection got better in the 2nd half when they swapped out Mays for Jensen. Mays has been a siv all year and Jensen was surprisingly solid when compared to Mays on Sunday in relief. Both Moton and Ekwonu continue their runs of very good pass blocking. Let's look at the pressures and where they came from.

  • Ekwonu: 3 pressures (1 hit, 2 sacks) (16.1)
  • Mays(18 snaps): 2 pressures (1 hurry, 1 sack) (11.9)
  • Jensen(21 snaps): 3 pressures (3 hurries) (8.2)
  • Bozeman: 2 pressures (1 hurry, 1 hit) (21.3)
  • Jackson: 3 pressures (2 hurries, 1 sack) (20.0)
  • Moton: 2 pressures (2 hurries) (16.1)

The interior got charged with 10 pressures vs 5 for the outside. LG as always was the weakest link which in turn both effected LT and C play unfortunately on a number of sacks. People are all down on Ekwonu but after watching, I don't think 1 of his sacks should be charged to him. Seems to come from play design and misdirection in combo with where Ekwonu's pass blocking assignment seemed to be initially. A perfect storm on the right play. If people flip flopped Moton and Ekwonu. Moton's sack numbers would go up and Ekwonu's would go down. With Bryce having a horrible feel of the pocket and not seeing his blind side. It leads to worse looking lost snaps on Ekwonu's part compared to Moton's who Bryce typically sees the whole way and can avoid. Just to keep that in mind. Let's look at the film.

  • Ekwonu: 2 losses (30)
  • Mays: 5 losses (15)
  • Jensen: 4 losses (21)
  • Bozeman: 3 losses (32)
  • Jackson: 2 losses (3)
  • Moton: 1 loss (28)

Unfortunately the interior is just gonna continue to be the problem. Jackson has done an admirable job but it's too little too late. LG continues to be a gaping black hole. Stunts, delayed blitzes and misdirection continue to totally kill this line because of the interior. Many of the pressures/sacks come in such scenario's. For Ekwonu coming off injury and not practicing, I was expecting much worse from him. Especially after initial game impressions. But take away the miscommunications due to the LG nonsense and I only counted 2 lost snaps, 3 if you want to count his penalty as one. But week in and week out him and Moton continue to be Carolina's best lineman.

What do you guys think?

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