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Keep Sounding: Three weeks done, featuring our friend Spenser

So far, not so good.

We’re three weeks into the 2023 NFL season and things have not gone so great for the Carolina Panthers. To help discuss our sorrows, we’re joined by our pal and new longtime Minnesota Vikings fan Spenser. But first, we get super meta and just have a nice chat with the boys. Here’s the episode summary:

  • We start with Spenser’s journey to becoming a longtime Vikings fan this season
  • Kirk Cousins doesn’t swear
  • The levels of Brian’s and Jonathan’s Panthers fandom and what it would take to ever lose it
  • How we approach covering a team that’s been mostly bad for several years
  • Interacting with the ‘best’ parts of social media

Now for real football talk

  • The Panthers have played varying degrees of the same game three times in as many weeks
  • An injury update
  • Why the Panthers elected to throw the ball so much against the Seahawks with their backup quarterback in
  • The weaknesses of the Vikings offense align with the weaknesses in the Panthers defense, so something’s gotta give
  • The Panthers secondary situation and the nightmare that is covering Justin Jefferson
  • Bryce’s accuracy but lack of volume throwing to open receivers
  • A must win game for the Vikings
  • Score predictions