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Panthers vs Seahawks: Week 3 opening odds

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Welp, a disappointing Week 1 Week 2 is in the books once again for the Carolina Panthers faithful. A rough start for Bryce Young and company has translated to a rough opinion of the team held by the oddsmakers over at Draftkings Sportsbook. Yes, I was able to lift this paragraph pretty much whole cloth from last week because that’s the kind of start Carolina is having to the 2023 season.

The Seattle Seahawks, meanwhile, have shown a more mixed bag in their first two outings. A thrashing from the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 led to an overtime victory against the Detroit Lions in Week 2. Are they the team that couldn’t get their offense started against the Rams or the team that beat the team that beat the Kansas City Chiefs? They’ll get to test both of those theories this week against a Panthers team that is anemic on offense and stout, to start, on defense.

Week 2


Seahawks: -5.5

Panthers: +5.5




Seahawks: -245

Panthers: +200

Remember that home field advantage is traditionally accounted for by spotting the home team—the Seahawks, in this case—three points on the spread. That means Seattle would be favored in a neutral site game by a field goal here, but are basically expected to win by a touchdown (or more) at home on Sunday.