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Panthers Reacts Results: Fans not shaken by Week 1 stumble

Plus, more on Bryce Young and Brian Burns

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers met the expectations of history with a Week 1 loss while breaking in a new head coach and a rookie quarterback. Or at least that’s the general feeling we’re getting this week from Panthers fans.

Despite an unimpressive performance against Atlanta and a couple of key injuries, Panthers fans are still remarkably confident in the direction of their favorite team. That shouldn’t be too surprising. If one early loss was going to change your mind about this team then you probably weren’t confident in them to begin with.

Taking a step beyond confidence in the team, we also wanted to know how y’all feel about Bryce Young. We asked that question a couple of different ways to try to get a better look at fan perception of him. It turns out most of you have some positive feelings towards the first overall pick from the 2023 NFL Draft and, again, those feelings didn’t change much in response to last Sunday’s outing in Atlanta.

78% percent of y’all, in fact, have a predominantly positive feelings about Young.

And only 11% of you were affected by his performance against the Falcons. I think that shows reasonable patience on the part of Panthers fans, as that game gave very little to judge him by outside of a couple of turnovers that were anything but simple to judge.

Beyond that, we also re-visited last week’s question about Brian Burns’ contract. We asked the exact same question and got surprisingly different results after only one game.

Last week, 48% of respondents thought that Brian Burns deserved a top-3 edge rusher contract. That number jumped 11 points to 59% this week. Burns certainly put on a show, particularly in the first quarter, last week and it is clear that a lot of y’all were paying attention. Maybe we’ll keep this question going every week until Burns gets paid. You know, for science.

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