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Keep Sounding Podcast: Panthers offense training camp preview

An OG of CSR joins the show.

Hey we’ve got a podcast here for you. With the Carolina Panthers opening training camp, we talk about the offensive side of the ball after a full offseason of acquisitions, departures, and story lines. And we’re joined by the OG of Cat Scratch Reader, Jaxon, who’s been holding in some Panthers takes. Here’s what we have on the show:

  • The Panthers new coaching staff has us excited. There is a tangent about how the Bills seem to exist purely to make the Panthers sad at this point.
  • Bryce Young has been getting a ton of hype in OTAs. Are we buying it and how does the hype make us feel?
  • The Panthers got Bryce Young a bunch of weapons to throw the ball to, but are they good enough?
  • The NFL has caught up to what one of us bloggers has been saying for a long time about running backs. The Panthers continue to pay running backs more than anyone else.
  • Feelings about having a competent offensive line heading into the season for once.