2023 Prediction Information

I took the liberty of making a prediction schedule that covers every game of the regular season and creates a season scenario for all 32 teams in the NFL. For now, the plan is to use it as a generic prediction board about once per month and explain the results to each of you. I won’t bore you too much with the game by game analysis. But I will leave you with what I came up with for final results about the end of the season. The June 1 prediction will be a typical prediction analysis. In the future, I might throw some wrenches in the prediction such as the teams with the lowest alphabet letter in the name of their location will win every game or something goofy like that.

But here are the final results for June 1.

A generic Super Bowl prediction was found with the San Francisco 49ers losing to the Buffalo Bills. But the Conference Championships were interesting. The Chargers played at Buffalo after a solid playoff run by beating the Jets in the Wild Card and travelling to Cincinnati to upset the first-place Bengals in round two. The Giants win a difficult NFC East title after a sloppy start to finish in San Francisco losing the NFCC. I feel like the running game and defense can hold themselves well enough for a strong season.

SUPER BOWL: Bills Super Bowl Champions- 49ers NFC Champions

Bills over Chargers
49ers over Giants

Bills defeat Jaguars Chargers defeat Bengals (1st seed)
49ers (1st seed) defeat Seahawks Giants defeat Atlanta Falcons

Bills (2nd seed) defeat Steelers (7th Seed)
Jaguars (3rd seed) defeat Titans (6th seed)
Chargers (4th seed) defeat Jets (5th seed)

Falcons (2nd seed) defeat Cowboys (7th seed)
Giants (3rd seed) defeat Panthers (6th seed)
Seahawks (5th seed) defeat Bears (4th seed)

Bills 12-5 Jets 11-6 Dolphins 10-7 Patriots 9-8


Chargers 10-7 Chiefs 10-7 Raiders 7-10 Broncos 4-13

Bengals 12-5 Steelers 10-7 Browns 9-8 Ravens 6-11

Jaguars 10-7 Titans 10-7 Texans 5-12 Titans 4-13

49ers 12-5 Seahawks 10-7 Rams 6-11 Cardinals 4-13

Bears 10-7 Lions 7-10 Vikings 7-10 Packers 6-11

Giants 11-6 Cowboys 9-8 Eagles 8-9 Commandos 7-10

Falcons 11-6 Panthers 10-7 Saints 8-9 Buccaneers 5-12

To spare excessive descriptions, I will explain the NFC South for now. The Falcons are kind of the secret weapon of the NFC South. They have been on a multi-year project that seems ready to come to fruition with a powerful old-school run game most teams are not planning to beat. In particular, this will be a big problem for the Carolina Panthers and could be detrimental to most of Atlanta’s opponents this season.
While Carolina seemed to be the best built team in the NFC South, too many changes were made to justify the prediction of a deep playoff hunt. However, there are some great choices made that can explain a potential burst through the door, especially in the NFC. Unfortunately, while the defense looks strong, that too is going through major changes that will take some time to learn. The Panthers will get to an inconsistent start. But they have enough fuel to be scary for opponents by the end of the season. The Bucs’ strong start will come from having experienced talent on the roster. But their age will probably catch up with them. But not without leaving a dent into some opponents that will probably take them too lightly. The Saints are an exciting off-season story to read. But last year’s giveaway of the division to the Panthers and Bucs taught us a harsh lesson about the organization. The Panthers seem to have the best plan for longterm success. The Falcons seem to have the best plan for the next five years.

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