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Keep Sounding: 2023 NFL Draft recap

We talk about the newest Carolina Panthers.

The 2023 NFL Draft has come and gone. The Carolina Panthers made five selections and signed a whole lot of undrafted free agents. We go through the picks one by one and hit the highlights of the UDFA class.

  • Our thoughts on Bryce Young being the Panthers quarterback of choice, our reactions to the pick, and his setup for success in Carolina
  • Jonathan Mingo as the wide receiver to go with Young and why he makes sense for the Panthers
  • DJ Johnson is already and bust and the Panthers should just go ahead and cut him now
  • Why the above statement isn’t true and ways to justify the pick
  • Chandler Zavala reuniting with his old offensive line-mate from NC State and his ability to push for a starting guard spot
  • Jammie Robinson should add depth to the secondary and has some grit
  • Our favorite undrafted free agents both based on name and potential to make an impact on the roster


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