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Panthers Reacts Survey: who is going to win the NFC South?

An offseason of division wide turmoil has every fan base confident in their team’s chances this year.

New Orleans Saints Introduce Quarterback Derek Carr Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

An offseason of turmoil across the entire NFC South has the fanbases of the Carolina Panthers, the Atlanta Falcons, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the New Orleans Saints each confident in their favorite team’s chances to take—or even sweep—the division in 2023.

Each team is changing quarterbacks this year, but only the Panthers are also changing out nearly their entire coaching staff. To me, that means Carolina is at least the most chaotic team to predict in a division rife with chaos. That’s a kind of winning right there, I suppose.

Last week, 71% of y’all told us that you think the Panthers will have a winning season this year. How far above .500 does the team have to land to walk away with the NFC South crown for the first time since 2015?

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