Predicting the Carolina Panthers 2023 Schedule

Hey everyone,

I'm pretty pumped for the season after the draft. I was a tad underwhelmed but I think we have a solid group of guys, and listening to the press conferences only got me further amped.

For the 2023 season, the Panthers play 8 games at home, and 9 games away.

The Panthers Opponents:

  • Falcons: While I want to say the Panthers could go 2-0 against the Falcons, I realistically think they'll split games and thus go 1-1.
  • Saints: I think we'll sweep the Saints as the offense has presumably gotten better, and the pairing of Derek Carr/Derek Allen does not worry me as they have previously worked together and were terrible.
  • Buccaneers: I think Panthers win 2-0 against the Bucs as the Bucs look like they are falling apart.
  • Packers: Panthers win, closer game than expected. Not sure about Jordan Love but have Packers friends who aren't fond of him.
  • Vikings: Panthers lose, offensive game but Justin Jefferson continues to be a difference maker.
  • Texans: Panthers win, closer game than expected due to Will Anderson and Derek Stingley.
  • Colts: Panthers win, RPO offense doesn't fool defense. Added energy from Frank Reich to beat his previous team.
  • Cowboys: Panthers lose, Cowboys defense overwhelms Panthers between the rush and secondary.
  • Chicago: Panthers win, DJ turns up since being traded, but Fields is limited in running the ball.
  • Lions: Panthers lose, close game but Jared Goff has a better game than he did last year.
  • Jaguars: Panthers win, close game but new play makers on offense show up big time.
  • Titans: Panthers win, defense is able to limit Henry and cause turnovers on whichever QB is playing.
  • Seahawks: Panthers lose, Geno plays much better than he did last year and JSN shows why he was the first WR taken in the draft.
  • Dolphins: Panthers lose, added defense and stacked offense makes this a struggle to see a win.
Overall predicted record: 11 - 6

Sure, this might seem overly biased but most of these teams are raw or going through major changes. I think Reich and Bryce will be a calm, cool-headed duo to lead to winning.

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