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Panthers SB Nation Reacts results: 2023 NFL Draft grades

See how your fellow Panthers fans feel about this year’s draft class

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL Draft is always a game of prospects and futures, which is to say that you can’t put a meaningful grade on a draft class without giving the players some time to actually become a part of the team. That’s why we gave this draft a whole week before asking Panthers fans what they think of this draft. According to our survey, most of y’all liked it at least a little bit. Only 26% of you gave the draft class as a whole an A, while 62% of you gave it a B. That’s compared to the 68/23 A/B split y’all gave to just the Bryce Young selection on Draft Weekend.

The remaining 12% split across the C to F range are either really angry (based on the comments here) about the trade up for D.J. Johnson or just plain wanted a different quarterback. At least, that was my guess. We asked another question to test that guess: How did y’all feel about the Johnson pick?

Not shockingly, most of y’all are holding your breath to see how he turns out. That’s a smart move given how little information we have on the edge player compared to the Panthers coaches and scouts who informed his selection.

I do like seeing 18% of y’all optimistic about his future. It’s always fun to have hope about your professional football team of choice. After all, the Panthers can’t keep repeatedly dashing our hopes if we don’t keep getting them in up in the first place.

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