Late Round/UDFA WR Diamonds in the Rough

So, I think we can all agree WR is a need. I think we can also agree that this is the weakest WR draft in years. The value in the early rounds is scarce and with it being such a high priority position it's going to be slim pickings at 39. Unless Johnson, Flowers, or Addison fall we're going to be stuck picking between Jalin Hyatt or Jonathan Mingo. I like both prospects but at 39 it seems like a reach to me.

I've quickly become a proponent of not drafting a wide receiver if one of the previously mentioned three does not fall. Because there is no other wide receiver besides the ones mentioned above that I personally believe can make a difference on an NFL roster, at least not this year.

But that does not mean there aren't good receivers in this draft that could make a difference and have good value in the later rounds or as UDFA. I have compiled a list of guys that would be available for a trade down in later rounds or could be had as UDFA.

These guys are not immediate impact players, but I believe they are talented enough to make the final 53 and develop into role players on our offense in the future.

Jake Bobo. UCLA

Mitchell Tinsley. Penn State

DeMario Douglas, Liberty

Grant DuBose. UNC-Charlotte

Michael Jefferson - Louisiana-Lafayette (Will miss 2023 season with injury, but very talented and worth trying to stash on the practice squad)

Dallas Daniels - Jackson State

Shaquan Davis - South Carolina State

Malik Knowles - Kansas State

Tyrone Scott - Missouri State

Joseph Ngata - Clemson

Is there anyone you think deserves to be on here? Or do you have a mid-round guy you're in love with?

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