2023 Panthers Mock Draft 5.0

Round 1- Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

At this point, the Stroud crowd is on their last legs, as it just seems like a matter of time before Young is announced as our pick.

Round 2 (Trade Down)- Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole Miss

Fitterer has a history of trading down, and after losing so many quality picks in the #1 pick trade-up, I could see him doing so again here. Assuming we don't want to trade too far down and risk losing out on a top-tier player, we may only get an additional 4th rounder out of this.

Even though we did a solid job of adding more WRs in Free Agency, none of them can be counted on as a long-term WR1 to replace Moore. So, with that in mind, it would make sense for us to get the next best WR here to help out our new franchise QB. I'm sure some of you will argue that this is too early for him, but Mingo's stock has been through the roof in recent weeks due to him being one of the few receivers in this class with size and WR1 potential.

Round 3 (Trade Up)- Byron Young, Edge, Tennessee

It should be noted that after our pick at 39, we don't pick again until 93, and that's a long time to wait in the draft, so I could see Fitterer being aggressive if a guy they like falls. This trade-up would probably cost us our 3rd round pick and one of our 4th round picks.

While our offense is definitely the side of the ball that needs more work, our defense isn't without its flaws either. One of those flaws is that we lack any quality 3-4 OLBs to start across from Burns, so it would make sense for us to get the next best edge-rusher here, and it would be pretty ironic to come out of the draft with two B. Youngs.

Round 4- Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina

While our front office seems to think that we have some of the best young CBs in the league, in reality our only worthwhile starter is Horn, and we all know how he's struggled to stay healthy. So, with that in mind, it would make sense for us to get some more CB depth in order to avoid a disaster like last year's Bucs game.

Round 4 (From Trade Down)- Nick Saldiveri, G, Old Dominion

Considering we've had top 30 visits with a good amount of guards, and our two starters are recovering from season-ending injuries, getting the next best one here makes sense for us.

Round 5 (Trade Down)- Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama

Considering we don't have any picks after the 5th round this year, I could see Fitterer trade down to change that, and from this we might be able to get a 6th and 7th round pick in return.

Even though we did just sign Hurst to be our starting TE, it seems like it would be a mistake to leave the draft without getting at least one TE from this loaded class, and it wouldn't hurt to get a guy that Young has some familiarity with.

Round 6 (From Trade Down)- Shakel Brown, DT, Troy

Our D-line has plenty of solid starters, but we could use some more depth for rotational purposes.

Round 7 (From Trade Down)- Tavion Thomas, RB, Utah

Even though we did just sign Sanders to be our RB1, he typically does better in a committee, so we could use a physical back like Thomas here to compliment him.

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