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The Panthers get under the cap by restructuring Taylor Moton

With free agency only days away, the Panthers provide themselves with needed, if limited, flexibility

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers have announced a restructure of right tackle Taylor Moton’s contract to get themselves officially under the salary cap before the league year begins in one week, on Wednesday, March 15th.

The move itself is a long expected piece of internal accounting that will have little impact on the day-to-day fan’s experience come August. This, and guard Austin Corbett’s restructure from earlier this week, will also not be the last restructures the Panthers will announce in the coming days. The team currently now has about $10M in cap space and will want more to sign their own free agents as well as negotiate with outside free agents.

Look for guys like DJ Moore and Shaq Thompson to move some money around, as well as possibly a long term deal for Brian Burns to try and bring his current cap number down in the short term.

Additionally, the team is expected to try to re-sign center Bradley Bozeman before the league year opens next week as they want to bring back the same offensive line that even Sam Darnold found success behind last season.

This is, and will remain for the next week or two, a highly fluid situation. Not all numbers that are widely reported will necessarily be fully accurate. We’ll have a fuller picture of the team’s cap space once free agency actually begins.