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Panthers Reacts Survey: Do you want David Tepper to sell the team?

And no, they are not publicly shopping the team at this time.

Carolina Panthers Introduce Frank Reich as Head Coach Photo by David Jensen/Getty Images

The offseason is in full swing, with today being the last day of the NFL owner’s Annual League Meeting. It’s mostly a bunch of boring administrative stuff with the occasional rule change. For example, the biggest change this year is that teams no longer have to cut down their offseason roster in stages. Now, teams just have to cut down to their final 53-man roster at the end of the preseason. How exciting.

What this meeting really is, for us, is a chance to reflect on David Tepper’s ownership over the last five years (and, now, three full-time head coaches). On the plus side, he brought music and Major League Soccer to Charlotte. On the minus side, he hired Matt Rhule and did whatever the heck he actually did with that Rock Hill site.

No, we’re not singling ol’ Dave out over here. Pretty much all of the relevant SB Nation sites will be doing this over the course of this week.

So how about, readers, sound off in the comments with how you feel about Tepper’s tenure so far and don’t forget to vote so we can see how the fanbase really feels.

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