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Keep Sounding: Panthers sign Miles Sanders, Adam Thielen, etc.

The Panthers continue to sign all of the free agents.

The free agent signings start coming and they don’t stop coming. The Carolina Panthers continue to do everything in the free agent market, so there’s plenty more to talk about, but first...other stuff. Here’s the rundown:

  • Cam Newton threw at Auburn’s pro day which is cool for him
  • Cam’s viability as an NFL player, potential fits, and why the Panthers aren’t one of them
  • The Panthers keep making our podcasts immediately out of date
  • Miles Sanders’ fit in Carolina and how he might be utilized differently here versus when he was in Philadelphia
  • An aside to talk about how crazy it is the Panthers are signing players to reasonable contracts and not bargain basement bin shopping or desperately overpaying players
  • Expectations and contract analysis of the Hayden Hurst deal
  • DeShawn Williams’ fit on the defense and his story of persistence
  • Justin McCray is a backup offensive lineman so he won’t be good but that doesn’t mean he’s bad
  • Donte Jackson and Ian Thomas took reworked deals
  • Adam Thielen bolsters a depleted wide receiver corps. What color gloves will he wear in Carolina?
  • Potential future free agent signings
  • The joys of breaking news