Thanks Jerry

Though it ended poorly, we do appreciate the football team, the Super Bowl memories, and the loyalty Jerry Richardson gave to his players. He was smart, demanded discipline out of everyone around him, firm, but he was also willing to display kindness. He did not give the media whatever they wanted. For the most part, that worked to success for the Carolina. It is not easy when someone passes. But this is a year to be thankful for the memories and personalities that made Keep Pounding feel like a lifestyle. Jerry Richardson's work in Carolina, his love for both states, and his ideas for building a football team are still felt in great ways today. His touchdown in the Super Bowl was so special it was felt in the Carolinas decades later. One of the few owners who actually understood players and how owners should connect with them at their level. I appreciate all that Jerry Richardson tried to do that was good. He may not have been perfect. But he was a good founder for the organization. Thanks for loving our home.

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