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Free Agency: The Panthers expected to sign QB Andy Dalton to a 2 year deal

The former Bengal, Bear, Cowboy, and Saint will take up his mantle once again as veteran quarterback presence for a team grooming a young QB

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers were expected to sign a veteran quarterback to give them some flexibility after they (most likely) take a quarterback at #1 overall in April’s draft. We know who that player is now.

The former second round pick for the Cincinnati Bengals has begun to settle into his role as a backup veteran presence who can start and win some games if needed, having been the starter for the Chicago Bears until they felt Justin Fields was ready, and stepping in for the New Orleans Saints last season to start when Jameis Winston once again got hurt/turned into a pumpkin.

If the contract details turn out to be accurate, this means the Panthers will have a veteran quarterback at roughly 5 million dollars a season who could start the season if needed. That gives them more flexibility with both who they take at #1 overall and how they handle integrating him into the system.

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