Bears Finally Get Revenge For The Greg Olsen Trade

Or was it for the 2005 Divisional Round of the playoffs? Or was it both? In what was clearly an unfair trade to move ahead eight draft picks, the Carolina Panthers fell victim to what could be the greatest or worst decision in team history. Essentially, the Panthers traded three first round picks including DJ Moore plus two second round picks for an unknown player, not to mention the three second round picks already traded in the past two years to find the quarterback of the future for this team. Who are the Panthers so excited to grab that they need the number one overall pick? This is the most Draft Day thing I have ever seen in the NFL. Except what if it wasn't what we think?

What if the Panthers have their eyes set on defensive end? This has no attachment to any speculation or rumor. It's just something I considered that could make this a great deal after all. Adding a number one overall pick to a 3-4 defensive line that already features Brian Burns and Derrick Brown might be one of the best moves imaginable.

CBS Sports is already imagining the possibility of Carolina trading away the pick. But that seems unlikely given that Scott Fitterer seemed pretty adamant about the team already knowing who to select. It is funny that the Panthers and Texans were the first and second pick in the NFL draft prior to the 2002 season. The Panthers selected a defensive end. The Texans went for a quarterback. It would be kind of funny if that happened again. While all eyes are on the quarterback position, don't be surprised if the Carolina Panthers make a move for defense. That seems to be where the strength of the roster and coaching staff want to point. And the Panthers need to win immediately.

Drafting a quarterback number one overall may not be a terrible move though. How many quarterbacks drafted as the number one overall pick are on a team that is already this talented prior to their entry? It certainly is an interesting moment in Carolina and likely the second time in team history the Panthers will make the number one overall pick. Whoever the Panthers add will be under pressure to win quickly but at least with possibility.

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