2023 Panthers Mock Draft 2.0

Round 1- Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Stop me if you've heard this before, but our biggest priority this offseason is once again trying to find a franchise QB. We've tried almost every way imaginable to fix this never-ending problem, whether it be signing Bridgewater in Free Agency, or trading for Mayfield less than a year after trading for Darnold, and nothing has worked. Fortunately, all signs point to this being the year that we finally draft one in the 1st round. Hopefully we find a way to get Stroud, since he's clearly the best QB in this class, but unfortunately there are several QB-needy teams ahead of us, and we may not be able to trade up for him. So, if we have to stay at #9, the best QB available to us will most likely end up being Richardson. While he's obviously a huge work-in-progress, I trust our experienced staff to develop him to his fullest potential, especially since he probably won't be asked to start in his rookie season.

Round 2- Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah

Reich's offenses have typically relied on a solid receiving TE to be a threat in the redzone, so considering Thomas is a waste of a roster spot while Tremble's development has been stunted by bad QB play and playcalling, we desperately need to upgrade this position. I think we should first try to address this issue in Free Agency, since Engram or Geisicki would be great fits for our offense, but if we aren't able to land either of them, getting the next best TE here makes sense for us.

Round 2- Andre Carter II, Edge, Army

Even though our offense is definitely the side of the ball that needs more work, our defense isn't without its flaws either. One of those flaws is that we lack any quality pass-rushers to complemenet Burns, so it would make sense for us to get the next best edge-rusher here.

Round 3- Ji'Ayir Brown, S, Penn State

While Fitterer has said he believes that we have some of the best young CBs in the league, in reality our only worthwhile DB is Horn. I'll admit that Woods is solid, but considering that Chinn should be transitioned back to his hybrid LB role, we could us another starting safety.

Round 4- Parker Washington, WR, Penn State

Even though we have some solid WRs, none are really that proven outside of Moore, and you can never surround your QB with too many weapons, so getting a WR here makes sense for us.

Round 4- Andrew Vorhees, G/OT, USC

Our O-line has definitely improved this year, but it never hurts to have some depth, especially when we traded our versatile back-up in Daley, and our only other versatile O-linemen (Ekwonu, Christensen) are starters, so getting a versatile O-lineman like Vorhees here would make sense for us.

Round 5- Jaden Crumedy, DT, Texas

Similar to our O-line, our D-line has plenty of solid starters, but we could use some more depth for rotational purposes. It also doesn't hurt that our defense is transitioning to a 3-4, so we could use a more natural NT to pair with Brown.

Round 7- Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall

Yes, I get that RBs are one of the easiest positions to replace in the NFL, and Foreman has been really good for us, but we need a receiving back to complement him.

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