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Panthers Reacts Results Week 14: Y’all are a boiling pot of optimism

Sarcasm is all we have left

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The results are in and y’all are mystifyingly down on the Carolina Panthers. I know the team is bad and there isn’t a lot of hope for their improvement in either a short or long term sense, but that’s still not reason for people to jump ship. I get those of you who haven’t been aboard in awhile treading water, what I don’t get is the up-and-down swings in the last two weeks.

Before the firing of Frank Reich, 4% of y’all thought the team was going in the right direction. I’m assuming that’s the 4% who are still working their way through reruns of the 2003 team and haven’t started the 2004 season yet. After Reich’s dismissal, that number jumped to 9% of you who thought things were finally trending in the right direction. Now, after an expected loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the continued employment of Scott Fitterer as General Manager, that bump has all but disappeared.

It’s like the 5% bump in fan confidence was a vote of confidence in an expected firing spree that failed to materialize. Now, we’ve settled back into scraping the bottom of the barrel with only 5% of fans being confident in the current direction of the franchise.

I guess that fits, because y’all aren’t exactly happy about last year’s draft. The big trade up for Bryce Young has not paid immediate dividends. In fact, Young’s play has been so disappointing to so many of y’all that only 35% of fans now think that he will develop into a franchise quarterback for the Panthers.

Those are some dismal numbers, folks. Fortunately, Young’s development and the future of the franchise are going to proceed the way that they are going to proceed regardless of how we feel about them right now. For better or worse, we’ll have (virtual)_front row seats to whatever comes next.

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