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Week 15 opening odds

Check out what the oddsmakers think about the Panthers this week

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers are once again expected to not play a spoiling role in the NFC South race this weekend as they take on the Atlanta Falcons in their third divisional game in a row. What a consequential time this could have been for the Panthers as they ‘compete’ in a divisional race where any of the other three teams could win.

The odds are tight this week, not because the Panthers have a chance to win, but because the Falcons will always, always have a chance to lose. That’s the kind of quality football that you can expect in the NFC South. If any of you sickos are still betting money on anything other than the Panthers losing, take a look at the opening odds from Draftkings Sportsbook below.

Week 15


Falcons: -3

Panthers: +3




Falcons: -148

Panthers: +124

Remember that home-field advantage is traditionally accounted for by spotting the home team—the Panthers, in this case—three points on the spread. That means the Falcons would be favored on a neutral field by about one touchdown. Given the Panthers unchallenged status as the worst team in the NFL, this is Draftkings expressing remarkably little confidence in the Falcons and their whole Desmond Ridder situation.