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Panthers Reacts Results Week 13: Fans watching with one eye open

Positive impressions aren’t the same thing as momentum

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Fans of the Carolina Panthers endured a long ten losses between the hiring and firing of Frank Reich. Initially positive impressions soured quickly, as fan confidence in the team plummeted from the 70s to just 4%. This week, the only number in the 70s was the percentage of fans who believed that firing Reich was the correct move. 72% of Panthers fans agreed with the firing of Frank Reich.

Unfortunately, making one right move isn’t the same thing as moving in the right direction. 72% of fans may have agreed with firing Reich, but only 9% of fans—up from 4% last week—are confident that the Carolina Panthers are heading in the right direction.

Last week we also determined that 51% of fans don’t watch the games live anymore. This week, only 27% of fans are more likely to watch the Panthers play after Reich’s removal.

The bottom line is that Panthers fans are tired of losing and don’t trust the decision makers who have enabled many of the recent losing streaks to hire their way out of the hole. We’ll dig more directly into this next week, but I’d guess most Panthers fans are in a “believe it when they see it” mode. Selling hope to them is going to miss the mark.