Don't Get Short With Me

Sports mouths are usually filled with people making dumb claims. If the dumb claims are at least creative, then a little pass can be credited to the claimant in favor of entertainment. At least we found something interesting. When talking about whether USC quarterbacks do not traditionally do well in the NFL or that the guy who is the first to arrive and the last to leave is often unfocused or too tired to win, we can agree that we need to check the stats on these arguments and give credit for someone discussing at least an interesting point. I am even good with allowing players to share diverse opinions on religion and politics as long as they are allowed to express their concerns and ideas with respect to the fact that we are all diverse.

But the sports mouth conversations became bland like trying to reboot a 1900s tv sitcom. The commentary is similar. The efforts at enthusiasm are unoriginal. Helpless audiences are force-fed the recycled vomit of catchphrases that were only said about four times per season in the past by nerds who have no reason to pretend they are should be seen, especially if those people used to be relevant.

It is outrageous to read that people are discussing the height of a player’s body in professional sports as often as Bryce Young has to endure it. There is no rule anywhere nor should there be that KK Short is the only short player that should be allowed to play professional sports. This is a myth in professional sports that long ago was debunked by the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Steph Curry, Mugsy, Sam Mills, Steve Smith, Darren Sproles, Drew Brees, Doug Flutie, Russell Wilson, Joe Theisman, Sonny Jurgenson, and even Michael Vick. Don’t get me started on Double Trouble and Mike Tolbert either.

I will not make any guarantees about Bryce Young. But someone was going to take a chance on him. He did a great job in college just like CJ Stroud did. Why not cheer for them both? They both seem like great guys who have opportunities to transform lousy teams out of horrible self-inflicted crises. So let’s cheer for the fact that the Carolina Panthers are 1-7 and on the verge of one of the greatest rebounds in team history. Whether it happens this season or not remains to be seen. But I see no reason why we cannot believe in the organization just because of struggles in the past. The Panthers have been bad before. Now that the team looks like it has something growing, the fans want to treat it like they need to hit reset yet again while the system is still loading.

You can either watch the game and patiently anticipate the moment the Carolina Panthers suddenly rise to greatness or you can leave. Either choice would be helpful and appreciated while the team goes to work. The good days are coming.

In the meantime, think of something new to say such as the fact that Cam Newton had better hair in his rookie year than Bryce has in his. Maybe that is why Young is not doing so well. Or maybe it’s the fact that Cam Newton had a legendary wide receiver and great tight ends on his staff. Maybe Bryce Young needs to struggle to feed his hunger to win later. This can be the most helpful years of Young’s career and cause him to dive on the football in the Super Bowl later. Either way, relax and enjoy the game. Stay away from booze and gambling. You need the money to buy tickets to the stadiums.

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