Week 9 Offensive Line Hog Molly Report

Alright boys and girls. Time for a weekly Hog Molly report. Taking a deeper dive into a unit that's hard to look at with all their struggles. Some of this isn't going to be pretty and might surprise.

To start things off Bryce Young's Pressure % for the week was a whopping 43.8% on 48 drop backs which ties him for 5th worst this week with Jalen Hurts. On 2 of his interceptions he got pressure in his face from up the middle. Whether or not that that effected those throws and outcomes is up for debate.

First we're gonna look at each lineman's individual pass blocking and run blocking grades with their yearly grade in parenthesis. Then their actual pressures for a more actual stat for pass blocking instead of a subjective grade. Finishing with a quick film review by me. Still subjective but from a fans point of view outside of PFF.

  • Ekwonu: 88.0 Run / 56.0 Pass (74.0 / 57.0)
  • Throckmorton: 49.6 Run / 29.3 Pass (44.6 / 55.5)
  • Bozeman: 72.0 Run / 66.3 Pass (65.9 / 45.4)
  • Corbett: 62.7 Run / 49.4 Pass (59.1 / 57.5)
  • Moton: 59.2 Run / 53.7 Pass (55.7 / 67.0)
As a whole this line did a much better job run blocking than previous weeks. With Sanders and Hubbard having overall better games than weeks past with more space to work with. Their PFF grades does a good job of highlighting that with each grading higher than their overall year grades. This was their 1st week since week 1 where 3 of their 5 scored a 60 or above in run blocking. It's been a rough go so far. Conversely, all but 1 scored lower in their pass blocking year grades and the game was definitely indicative of that. Bryce Youngs pressure rate was the highest it's been since Dalton's start week 3. But let's look at their actual pressures given up to see where it all came from. Will put their yearly pressure rate in snaps per pressure in parenthesis. So higher the number the better.

  • Ekwonu: 3 (3 Hurries) (17.1)
  • Throckmorton: 5 (4 Hurries, 1 Hit) (20.8)
  • Bozeman: 2 (1 Sack, 1 Hurry) (22.4)
  • Corbett: 5 (2 Sacks, 3 Hurries) (11.0)
  • Moton: 9 (9 Hurries) (12.0)
Simple answer, the pressure came from everywhere lol. But it was mostly concentrated on the right side which some might find surprising since I'm sure many would assume that's our strong side. Throckmorton did struggle with Buckner a bit when he did line up over him though, but most interior lineman get owned by him. Stopping him is a very tall ask.

Alright, last up is my film review of the pass sets. All I did was count each blockers "lost" pass snap. For me, a loss was whiffing a block or getting beat by the defender, bull rushed straight into the QBs lap quickly or missing an assignment. But a loss doesn't mean it was a pressure or a negative play. There were some losses that had no bearing on the play at all. I'll also preface this with deciding what was a loss for the tackles was difficult because Bryce stays so far back in the pocket and doesn't step up into it likely because of his height or because he's getting pressure up the middle. So he definitely makes life harder on the tackles.

  • Ekwonu: 6 losses
  • Throckmorton: 6 losses
  • Bozeman: 6 losses
  • Corbett: 9 losses
  • Moton: 10 losses
At 1st glance, these line up pretty well with the information given above. Corbett and Moton had a really rough day. Corbett has struggled in protection both starts back, probably has to shake the rust off. But Moton has been having a rough year in general. Tons of presures given up and the only reason I don't think his yearly sack count is higher is because Bryce can see those pressures coming to avoid them more unlike from his backside with Ekwonu.

This line has to do better. Perfect time with Chicago coming up and their #32 ranked pass rush. We'll see how Sweat changes that.

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