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Keep Sounding: The Carolina Panthers fired Frank Reich

Frank Reich and two of his staff are out. What is going on in Carolina?

The Carolina Panthers made waves in the NFL working by firing head coach Frank Reich on Monday. There’s plenty to talk about there. Some things we talked about:

  • How we feel about the firing and, more specifically, the timing of the firing only 11 games into Reich’s first season in charge
  • The rumors/reports that have come out with more details about the environment the Panthers were operating in
  • The rumors around David Tepper making the call for Bryce Young to be the pick
  • I (Jonathan) have a whole semi-rant about David Tepper and the ridicule and hate he’s been getting and why it might not be all that deserved
  • How Panthers history has been revised since the offseason
  • Is Scott Fitterer next?

And the Bucs game!

  • Baker Mayfield revenge game. Kinda?
  • A look at the injury report and a very important defensive back returning for the Panthers
  • Some nonsense about playing wide receivers at guards and a (not to brag) sweet callback to a play the Patriots ran in 2015.
  • Scoring predictions and being optimistic