Week 12 Offensive Line Hog Molly Report

A lot has happened this week, but trying to focus on the line. Lets see how things turned out for them and Bryce. We've got a mixed bag in this one.

For week 12 against the Titans Bryce Young got hit with a 39.5% pressure rate. Certainly not good or even ideal, but came in at 19th for the week vs the rest of the league. Maybe with Reich gone Brown makes some drastic changes for the good like Wilks last year to help improve things? As usual, lets jump into the PFF grades 1st.

  • Ekwonu: 57.5 Run / 54.1 Pass (76.5 / 56.5)
  • Toth: 49.0 Run / 32.3 Pass
  • Zavala(13): 45.2 Run / 28.8 Pass (41.5 / 7.1)
  • Bozeman: 61.1 Run / 62.5 Pass (65.7 / 46.6)
  • Mays(35): 71.3 Run / 24.7 Pass (65.6 / 42.0)
  • Jensen(26): 51.9 Run / 40.4 Pass
  • Moton: 74.2 Run / 83.8 Pass (64.1 / 72.0)
So we've got 7 guys this week. Zavala started at LG and Toth at RG initially. After Zavala's injury they moved Toth to LG and put in Mays at RG. Only for Mays to go out injured and Jensen replace him. Their snap counts are in parenthesis after their name. The guards in general again end up being the weak point of the line in both phases of the game. Jensen was the most balanced but none were good. In regards to the run blocking, it wasn't horrible. Hubbard had some nice success on outside zone runs. But it was a mix of little push by the guards and poor personnel management at RB. As a whole over the year the lineman have graded higher on zone run schemes than gap schemes. The pass blocking by all the guards this game were just awful compared to the other 3 and brought down the line as a whole yet again. That pattern will carry through the next couple sections of this article. On to the actual pressures.

  • Ekwonu: 2 Pressures (1 hurry, 1 sack) (17.7)
  • Toth: 4 Pressures (3 hurry's, 1 sack) (9.5)
  • Zavala: 1 Pressure (1 hurry) (7.1)
  • Bozeman: 1 Pressure (1 hurry) (19.9)
  • Mays: 3 Pressures (2 hurry's, 1 sack) (10.1)
  • Jensen: 2 Pressures (2 hurry's) (7)
  • Moton: 0 Pressures (14.0)
Right off the bat you can see where the problem is coming from again. 10 of the 13 pressures given up came from both left and right guard. It's been the same problem all season. This game made even worse by digging even deeper due to injuries. Bozeman redeemed himself after last weeks debacle and has seemed to be better of late overall. I think this is also the 1st week of the season that a Panther lineman has finally given up 0 pressures. Speaking of Moton, he's really settled in like Bozeman recently but even better. Looking like the Moton of past years we all know and love. Would love to see more improvement from Ekwonu this 2nd half and some kind of stability on that interior. Onto the film look on the pass blocking for Young.

  • Ekwonu: 5 Losses
  • Toth: 9 Losses
  • Zavala: 2 Losses
  • Bozeman: 4 Losses
  • Mays: 6 Losses
  • Jensen: 3 Losses
  • Moton: 3 Losses
So it's important to reiterate that Mays, Jensen and Zavala all have decreased snap counts compared to the other 4. So in the scope of the snap counts Mays, Zavala and Toth put forth particularly bad games in pass blocking. I thought it was weird to see Toth, a brand new addition immediately start and honestly it didn't look warranted. Of all the lineman he had the most blundering errors and mistakes in both phases of the game. You could tell he was brand new. Jensen didn't look horrible in his limited time so I'll count that as a win. The most interesting to me was Ekwonu as it was a tale of 2 half's for him. All 5 of his lost snaps by my count came in the 1st quarter and a half or so where he not only looked lost with mental errors but just getting straight beat as well. The rest of the game and 2nd half was excellent. What I see on the film still generally lines up with the PFF grades in regards to who was best and worst. But the grades themselves still confuse me some. Simmons on the defensive side man handled and dominated every lineman he faced across the line. Very similar to Parsons during the Cowboys game. They just didn't have an answer to him. As always a lost pass snap doesn't mean it negatively impacted the play but more just helps describe how the individual was on a play by play basis.

Til next time Panther fans.

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