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Bears vs Vikings: ‘Monday Night Football’ picks and open thread

Welcome back to Monday Night Football

SPORTS-FBN-BEARS-FIELDS-VIKINGS-TB Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

After a fantastic Eagles-Chiefs game last week, Monday Night Football is following up this week with, uh, what is technically an NFL game. The Chicago Bears are visiting the Minnesota Vikings.

The 3-8 Bears are noteworthy this season because two of the three teams they have beaten, the Las Vegas Raiders and the Carolina Panthers, have since fired their head coaches and the third, the Washington Commanders, are rumored to be close to firing Ron Rivera.

The 6-5 Vikings are noteworthy for having started the season 0-3, turning their year around after notching their first victory against the Panthers. Since then, they have lost Kirk Cousins to a season ending injury and turned to NFL journeyman quarterback and part time NASA employee Josh Dobbs. The Vikings have won two of three games since Cousins’ injury and are second in their division and firmly in wild card contention.Thanks to a partnership between our friends over at Tallysight and the folks at DraftKings Sportsbook (where you can check out odds for tonight’s game), we can bring you a helpful widget* to keep track of the staff picks here at CSR for each game this season.

*It’s just a table, but it’s a pretty table.

Other than that, this is now an open thread for the game.