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Panthers Reacts Week 12: Most fans don’t watch the games anymore

It’s a testament to the current team that fans are turning away

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Fan confidence in the current direction of the Carolina Panthers was at a new season low even before the team lost their tenth game, this time to the Tennessee Titans. Last week, only 4% of fans were confident in the current direction of the team. We knew the number was going to be low and that fan engagement with the team was dropping, so we asked two further questions to assess the state of the fan base.

First, we asked how y’all follow the Panthers. Do you watch live or attend games? Do you read about them on your favorite websites or from the one remaining newspaper? Do you catch the highlight that Stephen Sullivan occasionally produces?

It turns out that less than half of respondents still watch the Carolina Panthers live. 49% spend a large chunk of their Sunday afternoons following the team, 35% read about them, and 16% of y’all only really catch the highlight.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the team, we asked one more follow up to try to save some face for them. Accounting for fans abroad, out of market, or with inflexible work schedules, we asked how many of y’all who don’t currently watch live used to watch live. The answer was damning. 95% of Panthers fans in our survey who don’t watch the team live used to do so.

This week we’re going to dig a little deeper to see when y’all stopped watching. We can comfortably assume why you did.

You’re getting this today instead of any sort of optimistic screed. The team is bad and won’t get better until they change how they do things. Right now the best I have for struggling fans of this franchise is to tell you that you are not alone.