Comparison of Last 3 GM's

I thought it would be interesting to look at our last 3 GM's objectively to see how they compared.

I divided the last 3 drafts of each GM. I then categorized players as Hits (Contributor), or Misses (Non-Contributor). This was not easy to do, especially on this year's picks as it's hard to tell on rookies in the first year. But looking at this year's performance I counted all of Fitterer's picks as misses (worst case), but that could change over the next year or so.

In fact, Fitterer has a few handicaps that the other 2 didn't have. He has not had a solid QB (even Cam at the point of his release wasn't really solid as evidenced by his lack of success since he left), whereas neither Hurney or Gettleman had to worry about drafting a QB. He also had multiple coaches during this period, including one that was a consensus bad coach. He also had the misfortune of his best pick being on IR for most of the time since drafted compared to the other 2. However, the numbers are what they are.

Looking at this, Gettleman was the best, followed by Hurney, then Fitterer. I used contributor because with a 53 man roster, not every pick is going to be a superstar and you have to at least pick up contributors to field a good team. I didn't look at the FA aspect at all, but just the draft. Gettleman's big issue is he rubbed people the wrong way with his personality and didn't defer to veteran players later in their career, which got him fired. Putting him as the best is further supported in my mind by some of his picks with the Giants where he drafted Barkley, Jones (not great but much better than expectations) and Lawrence.

Here are the numbers

Gettleman: 7 hits & 9 misses: Hit % 41: Miss % 53; Best Round; 2nd (Samuel, Moton, Bradberry): Best pick: CMC

Hurney: 8 hits & 11 misses; Hit% 42; Miss % 65; Best Round; 1st (Brown, Burns, Moore); Best pick: Brown

Fitterer: 7 hits & 15 misses: Hit% 32; Miss % 68; Best Round: 1st; Horn, Ekwanu, Young); Best pick: Horn

The hit rate for Gettleman & Hurney are around the league average where you get 2 to 3 contributors in each draft. However, its the misses that stand out where Hurney and Fitterer were clearly worse than Gettleman. Unless Fitterer's 2023 draft picks show significant improvement, he has been the worst of the 3. And unfortunately, the 2023 draft was with Dan Morgan on board, who most think was an improvement.

These facts tell me that we need a new GM and it should come from outside the organization. I favor keeping the current coaching staff as they need time to get roster upgrades and it is detrimental to have a continuous coaching carousel. I have resisted the emotional calls to fire everyone, and have generally been a supporter of Fitterer. But the 2023 draft looks like it's a disaster and that, along with the facts above have taken me to a different conclusion.

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