Week 11 Offensive Line Hog Molly Report

This was a rough one guys no way around it so let's dig into it and rip this bandaid off together.

Young got hit with a huge 45.9% pressure rate on 37 drop backs. Good for 23rd out of 28 QBs. Making it even worse is his average time to sack was 7th quickest out of sacked QBs. Carolina faced off against the #3 ranked pass rush and #1 pass rusher and it showed. Parsons accounted for 3/7 sacks and 41% of his teams pressure. He was a 1 man army blowing up every lineman he faced inside and out. Let's look at their PFF grades and go from there.

  • Ekwonu: 82.7 Run / 23.6 Pass (78.8 / 56.9)
  • Zavala: 50.2 Run / 10.7 Pass (43.2 / 7.2)
  • Bozeman: 69.3 Run / 22.5 Pass (66.0 / 45.3)
  • Corbett: 60.3 Run / 11.5 Pass (53.2 / 44.5)
  • Moton: 81.3 Run / 72.6 Pass (61.0 / 69.9)

As you can see the run blocking was great overall. Best game of the season without question. Both RBs ran for 107 yards combined on 21 carry's. Good for over 5 yards a carry. Enjoyed some seeing some really good off tackle runs. It's a shame they didn't continue to take advantage of it even more with more carry's and play action passes. Their run blocking grades for the 2nd time in 3 weeks all surpassed their season averages. But man oh man that pass blocking. As a whole they weren't great which isn't a big surprise facing off against the Cowboys pass rush. I don't totally agree with some of the grades but more on that later. Moton was legitimately very good. He did a great job vs Lawrence and especially Parsons when faced off vs him. Let's take a look at where the pressures came from. There were a lot of them.

  • Ekwonu: 4 Pressures (2 hurries, 1 hit, 1 sack) (17.6)
  • Zavala: 5 pressures (1 hurry, 1 hit, 3 sacks) (7.2)
  • Bozeman: 6 pressures (3 hurries, 3 sacks) (19.1)
  • Corbett: 5 pressures (5 hurries) (10.6)
  • Moton: 2 pressures (2 hurries) (12.9)

As you can see, that interior got punished real hard. Zavala is just awful and has been every game this season. He's now been a starter for Carolina's worst 4 game pass blocking wise. He's such a siv up the middle making both Bozeman's and Ekwonu's job even harder. I can't believe they didn't put Mays out there instead. Corbett also played a role in some of those sacks even if they didn't credit him for them. In regards to pressures per snap, 3/4 of the vets are seeing some bad career lows in this scheme with Ekwonu being the only one who's not. This scheme is truly doing none of them any favors including the QB. Moving onto the film review this is where things get a little interesting.

  • Ekwonu: 5 losses
  • Zavala: 6 losses
  • Bozeman: 7 losses
  • Corbett: 6 losses
  • Moton: 4 losses

On a snap to snap basis this was bad, really bad. I initially went through the film before the PFF grades came out like last week and like last week was expecting things to line up again but they definitely didn't. After seeing their grades I had to go back and double check it all to see what I missed and I still don't get it. But after watching the film, Zavala and Bozeman in particular were just awful so I get their grades. Even their whiffs were really bad. Corbett I semi get as well though he was definitely better than those 2, so seeing his score where it was just doesn't make sense. Some of the worst whiffs and losses I've seen on the season came in this one. Totally outclassed by that talent. Ekwonu's grade was the most perplexing of all to me. Ya his game wasn't great. But his 4 worst plays and most impactful plays negatively came vs Parsons and Lawrence. The best pass rusher and one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. He may have not held up as well as Moton but he still looked way better than the 3 interior guys. I assumed his grade was gonna be somewhere in the low 60s or high 50s at worst. Grading him in line with those other 3 just doesn't make much sense after watching it a few times over. Not saying I'm right or not saying they're right. Just something to think about especially as this is the 1st time since doing this that the film didn't line up at least relatively close to their grades. Before it gets lost in the shuffle big shout out to Moton for his game.

One more side note. Carolina only ran 7 play action passes but only got pressured on 1 of them. Almost like it helps out the line and QB. Really wish they would do it more like McDaniels does with Tua and others across the NFL.

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