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Player prop bets for Panthers vs Cowboys

Interesting player specific bets for Week 11

NFL: OCT 29 Texans at Panthers Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome back to Week 11 of our new weekly series that we are bringing to you courtesy of our friends over at DraftKings Sportsbook. Here we’ll take a look at the most interesting—or riskiest—player prop bets each week for the Carolina Panthers.

Every week we try to steer you towards some of the safer, or wilder, bets that you can make on this team. With the Panthers well into their second losing streak of the 2023 season, and nobody on the team having a statistically significant season, there are slim pickings when looking for prop bets around Panthers players. That goes doubly for a week when they are playing an away game in their own stadium against an actually good football team like the Dallas Cowboys.

Here’s the best of what we’ve got:

Adam Thielen Receptions - O/U 5.5 (-145/+114)

Everybody in the NFL knows that Thielen is going to be Bryce Young’s favorite target on this and every Sunday. The only way he doesn’t hit the over is if he doesn’t finish the game. This is nearly the safest and also most optimistic bet you can make on the Panthers. Neither back is favored to gain over 40 rushing yards, no defender is favored to get a sack, and Bryce Young’s over/under on passing touchdowns is set at 0.5. Expectations for this team are low and consistency is absent. This is what you’re left with.

Eddie Piñeiro Kicking Pts - O/U 4.5 (-125/-105)

Welcome back to the most consistent bet in the Carolinas. The over on steady Eddie is exactly like his play, it isn’t big money but it is (almost) always there. The question here is do you think the Panthers will have two drives with moderate success. If yes then the over remains your bet. If you think they will punt on almost every single drive then bet the under.