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Panthers Reacts Week 11: Welcome to Limbo

“How low can you go” not the space between, because this team is closer to the other place right now.

Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

We’re back to ask you if you are confident in the current direction of the Carolina Panthers. Of semantic note, we’re asking if you feel positively about the leadership and progress of the team, not if you believe in your assessment of the team’s future.

To put that another way, we all know this ship is sinking and fast. We want to know if you think that is a good thing or not.

We’re going to cool it a few weeks on extra survey questions because there are only so many ways to phrase “how many heads do you want to roll and how quickly?”. Either another, relevant topic will present itself or, more likely, a few more losses will clarify the future of the front office.

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