Week 10 Offensive Line Hog Molly Report

Alright guys and gals, let's run through this just like we did last week and see what's what.

Leading things off, Bryce Youngs Pressure Rate for the week came in at 34.1% on 44 drop backs. This is a near 10% improvement from last week. In regards to the rest of the league, this comes in at 14th best for the week. Not bad at all. But I do think it's important to keep into perspective how they stack up to the rest of the league instead of getting tunnel vision and assuming it's just bad.

We'll first jump into the lines PFF run blocking and pass blocking grades next. Season averages in bold.

  • Ekwonu: 73.9 Run / 89.9 Pass (75.5 / 61.6)
  • Throckmorton: 52.9 Run / 58.4 Pass (44.2 / 55.7)
  • Bozeman: 52.5 Run / 80.6 Pass (64.3 / 49.9)
  • Corbett: 39.9 Run / 62.4 Pass (51.4 / 59.1)
  • Moton: 61.5 Run / 79.2 Pass (56.2 / 69.1)
As a whole, this was a good week from the line. The interior struggled a ton in run blocking. Neither RB could get any room in the middle and this came to a head on a 3rd or 4th and 1 where they attempted to run behind the center and left guard. Hubbard could barely get back to the LoS with absolute zero push up the middle. Needless to say they abandoned the run early because of this which hurt the offense as a whole. Their continued uncreative up the gut runs especially from shotgun, refusing to utilize their 2 best and most athletic lineman at each tackle spot is just baffling. The pass blocking was very good for them. Every single one of them graded out higher than their season average. As a side note. Cudo's to Ikem Ekwonu who came in at #1 of all offensive lineman this week in pass blocking with #2 being none other than Rashawn Slater of course. So let's see where those pressures came from.

  • Ekwonu: 1 (1 hurry) (19.1)
  • Throckmorton: 2 (1 hit, 1 hurry) (20.9)
  • Bozeman: 1 (1 hit) (23.6)
  • Corbett: 3 (1 hit, 2 hurries) (12.0)
  • Moton: 2 (2 hurries) (12.6)
Just like last week, most of the pressure came from the right side along with Throckmorton continuing to hurt the left side. You might be wondering where are the 3 sacks Young got. Well PFF credited 1 sack and another pressure to Young himself. Something he's very poor at. Comes from holding the ball too long and poor pocket movement running into pressure. The other 2 they don't account for. I can tell you from watching the game footage for each lineman that both sacks can be attributed to all 3 interior lineman. Each of their pressures per snap season averages are in parentheses, the higher number the better. The interior tends to naturally have a higher number than the tackles as most pressure on average tends to come from the edge. On to the actual game footage and each lineman's amount of "lost" pass reps.

  • Ekwonu: 4
  • Throckmorton: 8
  • Bozeman: 4
  • Corbett: 5
  • Moton: 6
Reviewing the footage, in terms of lost reps over the course of the game they finished with 27 between all 5. Which is 10 lower than last weeks game with 4/5 improving in that regard. I made sure to go over the footage and do this myself before looking at each of their PFF pass blocking grades and must say that how they graded out lines up almost perfect from what I saw and their amount of lost reps. Throckmorton was just getting abused out there and I think Bozeman caught a little too much flack from fans after the game in regards to his pass blocking because of his 1 really bad snap. After reviewing the game I came away thinking this was Ekwonu's and especially Bozeman's best game in pass blocking with their scores reflecting it well. Bozeman had 1 really bad snap but other than that he was actually very good and sound in his protection. Corbett continues to struggle to regain his form. Better than last week but still a little rough. Not all "lost" snaps impact a play negatively or at all.

It was a really rough game for us Panther fans. So seeing a better week pass blocking from the line is nice to see.

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