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Keep Sounding Podcast: The Panthers are 0-6 and have a new play caller

We reflect on the first segment of the season and share our thoughts on the switch.

The Carolina Panthers are 0-6 at their bye week after a 42-21 drubbing at the hands of the Miami Dolphins. It’s probably not where they expected and definitely not where they wanted to be. With the season circling the drain, head coach Frank Reich announced that he would be handing play calling duties over to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown. We talk about that and other stuff. The summary:

  • The defense has been less good than expected but it’s also been snake bitten on the injury front, so it’s hard to blame it
  • There have been some pleasant surprises in the secondary the have come out of all the injury bad luck
  • The offensive line has been almost as injured, but improving health has us optimistic for better production after the bye
  • How we think that improved offensive line help will affect the offense as a whole
  • Bryce Young’s performance so far
  • Chuba Hubbard vs Miles Sanders
  • The offense isn’t as bad as you think
  • What the change in play calling will mean and if it will look any different. I have some spicy hot takes about this (not).