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Panthers Reacts Results: Most of you don’t know why you’re still watching the Panthers

Five and a half years of uninspiring football have left fans uninspired.

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

This is a sad week in the Panthers Reacts poll. Confidence in this franchise seems to have found its low water mark and most fans don’t know why they are still watching a team that has largely failed to entertain them, and certainly failed to win, for five years.

We’ll begin with addressing the standard confidence question. It could be framed as a positive step for the franchise that the percentage of fans who are confident that the Panthers are heading in the right direction didn’t decrease from the last week’s poll for the first time this season. Unfortunately, that’s because the percentage could hardly go lower.

14% of Panthers fans think Scott Fitterer, Frank Reich, and Bryce Young are going to pull this together. You know, eventually. I guess it makes sense that this number didn’t change after the Panthers embarrassing loss to the Detroit Lions. If those fans didn’t abandon hope in this team after their embarrassing losses to Minnesota Vikings, the Seattle Seahawks, the New Orleans Saints, or the Atlanta Falcons, then what’s one more loss on the list?

The worst sign of the state of the fan base was the response to the simple question “why do you still watch the Panthers?”

66% of y’all don’t know.

Only 25% of y’all actually enjoy watching.

That’s not a healthy, happy fan base. It’s not exactly a surprise after what Panthers fans have had to watch since Cam Newton’s 2018 shoulder injury derailed a promising season. That was, perhaps, the last honestly promising football this franchise has experienced. Still, the numbers are stark. I don’t know where we go from down here, but at least we’re down here together? Or at least the 9% of us who watch to stay connected with other fans are down here together.

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